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I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning on applying regular admission... Read More

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    For those worried their GPA isn't high enough, I want to let you know that I think they really do look at the applicant as a whole. My cumulative GPA was on the lower end (just above a 3.1), prereq GPA around 3.4, and science GPA a little below a 3.0 (I started out pre-med and did terrible in organic and biochem classes). I graduated last May with my BS in Health Sciences from Furman University and took a year off volunteering at MUSC Children's Hospital and a local Free Medical Clinic, while gaining hands on experience as a Patient Care Tech at Roper Hospital and MUSC Pediatric Emergency. I would definitely recommend a job in patient care before nursing school and wouldn't trade this experience for the world - I really feel like it has prepared me for most of what's to come in the clinical aspect of nursing school. Anyway, I wanted to share my stats because I see that so many people are concerned about their GPAs not being high enough, and I think its just as important to be well-rounded in your application (work experience, volunteer, good recs) because it just might compensate for a lower GPA.

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    Congrats to all of you have been accepted, or alternates. Good luck future nurses!
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    Just got home and still nothing.... Has anyone from out of state received a letter ? Whether that's acceptance or rejection?
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    Congrats to all who got in! I did not but I am almost 100% certain it was purely my lack of volunteer hours.

    For those of you who did volunteer hours, where did you volunteer at? What was the time commitment? I ask that because my husband is military and gone a lot and I have to be available to let our dog out.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated!! Hopefully I get in this spring
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    @ml52789, My grades weren't the best, cumulative wise. It was around a 3.2 something, but I had a high science and pre-req GPA. I will agree with what furmangal said about they look at the applicant as a whole. I have applied three times and each time I improved my application. I couldn't do a thing about my grades, but really turned out a better essay than my first one, I did volunteering for almost a year with the Mayo clinic, got really good recommendations, and what I think helped, was got my CNA certification once I got here. I think they like seeing repeat applicants show they have tried to improve on their packages. Also, my hubby is military as well like yours!
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    In addressing the stats and the experience inquiries.......My overall GPA was a 3.6 and my science/pre-requisites a 3.7. I served in AmeriCorps (the health corps) for two years as a radiologist assistant while in undergrad. I am concluding my seventh year as a 5th grade math and science teacher. I had actually given up hope on getting in because I felt as if my health care experience wasn't as extensive as other individuals who had applied. In addition, it was so long ago. In my essay, I spoke in reference to my teaching experience and the various skills that I've acquired from it because I felt that alone is what diversified me from so many others.
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    @wall0509- where did you get your CNA certification? Is your husband AF?
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    I got my certification with Trident Tech's continuing education. I didn't go through the other program they have where you take classes. Mine was a little over a month long and one week clinicals. Mine is Navy.
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    What did you major in? Thanks for the info- I don't think I want to do all the classes for the CNA (obviously none of us really want to, that's why we're applying for the BSN program ) so I'm glad trident has the option to bypass that
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    I just received my rejection letter from MUSC. Again congrats to everyone who got into a program whether it was MUSC, Trident or another school of your choice. @babygyrl guess we'll be classmates this Fall at Trident. My email address is let's keep in touch. If anyone else got accepted to Trident for this Fall lets keep in touch as well.

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