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I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning... Read More

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    APriest, After crying buckets, I just contacted the number on the rejection letter. I'm not allowed to state the name of the specific person I spoke to, but her initials are C.L. (Don't know if I'm allowed to do that either). She told me what points I earned for each section and how to improve my chances the next time. Don't give up!!

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    no mail from west ashley either. lame
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    @Jnlaw I hope you make it into MUSC, but if not, we can exchange info to help each other out in Trident's program, which I hear is challenging. It would be nice to know someone else who is starting the same program. Good luck into MUSC. Oh, I didn't get letter either, I called and pleaded with a lady to confess my acceptance/rejection into the program.LoL! You all should have letters by the weekend.
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    I just want to say good luck to the rest of us who haven't found out yet. If you do happen to get a rejection letter, please don't give up. This is my third time applying and each time I have tried to improve my package. I'm just hoping third time's a charm
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    @babygyrl9706 so you havent received a letter yet? You called and they told you? Maybe just wait till you receive your letter to be for sure.
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    @babygyrl9706 do you know what classes you are taking first semester for trident? Have you already taken the prereq's that are included or do you have to take some of those as well? what is your plan if you don't Will you just take the Nurses classes offered that semester?
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    @jnlaw, I spoke with someone yesterday from admissions and she told me I wasn't accepted, and took my number down so that someone can call me and go over my weakness/strengths of my application. I received a call this morning, and she said I received strong points for everything except my cum. gpa, which I thought was 3.53, but they calculated three courses I failed in 2003. She said that even though I had retaken them and received A's, they still used the failing grades in calculation. I was hurt because she said that was the only reason why I wasn't accepted, it brought my gpa down to 2.99 in their system.
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    @jnlaw I've done all perquisites for Trident's program, and will take chemistry in the summer to transfer for rn-bsn. I'll just be taking nursing courses. I haven't registered for anything yet, I will contact my advisor soon, so if you don't make it into MUSC, hopefully we'll be classmates.
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    @babygyrl9706 that's unfortunate but their lost. I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason and while we may not understand it at the time it's probably a bigger and better opportunity ahead for you. Easier said than done but you just have to trust and believe that. Besides you got accepted into a school thats just as good...some people havent even been accepted to a program yet. My gpa isnt the highest either so idk... if it's for you it will be and if not that just means its something greater out there for me for us all... Hopefully i'll know something today or tomorrow and i'll let you know.
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    Does anyone know of any good safe NON EXPENSIVE places to live in Charleston? I'll be moving from Florida and dont even kow where to begin.

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