Lowcountry job prospects

  1. 0 I've gotten to the end of my endorsement paperwork and I wanted to get a sense of how the job market is in the Lowcountry, particularly in the Charleston area.

    I'm a charge nurse on my unit, have my BSN and have one year of psychiatric experience. Decent prospects or not? Are there any hospitals that are definitely not hiring?
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    Did you want psych only? East Cooper Medical Center (in Mt Pleasant) has been hiring (been there 2 months now!).

    I have been told it is tough to get into MUSC in Charleston, but I didn't have experience so not sure what they would do with you.

    Check the hospital websites. You can apply to them online. Good luck!
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    I love psych, but I would also love to expand my horizons a bit. Wouldn't mind doing pretty much anything else.
    I just filled out a few applications to East Cooper in the ED, Med-Surg., and Surgical Services! Let's hope I hear back soon!
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    I had only 2 months in an LTC/SNF when I applied to East Cooper. Got the Med/Surg job. I love it there and the nurses are very nice and helpful. Nurse to patient ratios are low. Good Preceptor program! And the building and ALL the equipment are BRAND NEW! Sweet place to work!

    Good Luck to you!
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    hey FLmomof5,
    if possible could you send me a PM about working at East Cooper? I'm in Mt. P and looking for a job and would love to pick your brain, thanks!

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