Is There Any Rn Positions in Charleston??

  1. I'm moving to Charleston in June. I graduated a year ago in Los Angeles and still haven't been able to find an RN job!!!! Here there are about 500 applications per posting! Its a joke!! It seems like MUSC, Roper, and Trident are the main hospitals in the Charleston area. Is that right? Does anyone have any advice about these hospitals? Or getting hired?
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  3. by   live4rachael
    Yes, those are the big hospitals. There is also East Cooper as well. I just graduated and started a position at MUSC. There are currently a few RN I positions posted at MUSC, and I have heard from classmates that Trident only looked at applications so long as you already have taken/passed NCLEX. Good luck!
  4. by   lifesaver-RN
    Roper (downtown) has had a low census for 5 months. Keep that in mind when applying!!!
  5. by   sas8536
    Roper or MUSC are the places to go. Keep trying, go to the med surg floors or the floors you want to work with your resume and recommendation letters and try to see the managers. This worked for me and I got a job at Roper. HR will tell you not to do this, but it's the only way to get noticed.

    Trident is always hiring because it is an awful place to work and has a bad reputation among nurses in this community. The med-surg pt ratios are 7:1 at night for people with trachs, altered mental status, post-op, etc- high acuity patients for the most part. And your PCTs have 13 to 15 pts at a time.

    Good luck in your search. Don't forget about psych places like palmetto behavioral health and Healthsouth is good, too!

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