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I am looking into moving to SC in the next couple of years. I am currently a nurse in CT, I have been a nurse for 2 years. I know I would most likely take a pay cut cos the cost of living is cheaper... Read More

  1. by   SC_newgrad_208
    I think the pay here is great, I am a new grad and my base pay at a hospital is >21/hr and on weekends we get 8/hr more, plus anything we work from 330-730 pm gets an extra 2.30/hr. I work three days a week (12hr each day) and every other weekend. My pay averages 29/hr with the shift diff and weekend pay increase. I work day shift and I think nights get an extra 1.50/hr or something like that. My husband is a welder and he makes over 24/hr so the pay here in sc is pretty good if you have a good field to work in. the housing market is great for buyers and you get a lot more house for your dollar here.
  2. by   KimmeeinSC
    Have you considered going with an agency? Especially if you are relocating from one state to another. I am a traveler and I have lived in SC for 10 years. I get contracts right here in the state right close to my home. The pay is great and because my specialty is ER there is always a need.

    If your husband's company is who you use for your health and Dental benefits then this is an added bonus. I live in the Columbia area. My 1 bedroom apt is 629 a month in a gated community. My electric bill is 55 to 80 per month 10 for water.

    My hours are guaranteed. I make anywhere between 32 and 35 an hour. I work three nights a week. The area has lots of medical facilities and there are Outpatient surgery centers that need help as well. I will not be without work because I get calls several days per week from agencies needing immediate placement and help.

    Good luck in your ventures
  3. by   illusyon831
    thanks to everyone for the posts on this topic. i myself will be moving down there...probably once the current school year is over for my kids' sake, but may be sooner than planned. i've been trying to reach some of the area hospitals, posted my resumes and have had lots of interest from different health recruiters. the only thing i've heard back from was from mcleod in florence, they said they start at like $23/hr and an extra $3 shift diff.
    can i ask what hospital it is that pays the $8/hr diff for weekends? i am an ER nurse now and plan on relocating to the myrlte beach/ charleston area, and just looking at all the diff. hospitals.
    also, if i were to choose to work with an agency, do they provide health benefits through them or is the extra $ to provide your own. do you know of any agency/travel companies down that way to help me out. i really appreciate it. thank you!!
  4. by   AntonellaB

    Money is good compare to the cost of living. Outside the big city housing is not that expensive. There are smaller towns with a nice and friendly atmosphere. Some hospitals start a new grad RN at about $21.00 dollars/hr. Differential for a 2nd shift varies form one hospital to another: $2,50-$5,00 per hour. Weekend diff. depends on the hospital, too: $7,00-$9,00 dollars/hr.
    Gasoline has always been cheaper. Now is $1.69 per gallon. There are plenty of houses for sale at a good price. Summer is hot and humid. Winter is without snow and not that cold.

    Hope this helps.:wink2:
  5. by   lnt3

    I was browsing through this forum and came across your message and felt the need to respond. I as well am from Pgh (well actually Washington, PA) and have plans to move to Greenville in a year when I graduate! I'm currently finishing up my first semester of nursing school in a second degree accelerated program in Arlington, VA.

    Would you mind me asking you some questions about the hospital or facility you work at and about Greenville in general?
  6. by   AntonellaB
    you can ask me about nursing in the area. I wll be glad to tell you what I know.

  7. by   lnt3
    thanks antonella.

    well first, I have a period of about 3 weeks between my summer semester and fall semester and am interested in trying to get either a short externship or shadowing experience at Greenville Memorial. Do you happen to know if anything like that might be available?

    Second, when would be a good idea for me to start contacting Greenville hospitals about any possible externships or shadowing and when should I start contacting them about a job (I graduate next December)?

    Do any hospitals in the Greenville area offer sign on bonuses for new nurses? And how are the hospitals in general structured there?

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.
  8. by   AntonellaB
    Hello lnt3,

    Perhaps the best time to inquire about anything at Greenville Memorial is in the spring or early summer. It will be closer to your graduation time. That way you can explore any available opportunities that might come across. Look at the Greenville Memorial Hospital website...try google to get to the website, I believe it is not sure, though. Hot jobs/positions that are hard to fill might pay a sign-in bonus. It is a big hospital and they use travel nurses, too.
    Something else...try Spartanburg Regional, too. It is located in Spartanburg which is a big city 30 min. north of Greenville. Spartanburg Regional is a big hospital, too. Last time when I looked they had a lot of positions open for RN's. Also, I think that Spartanburg Regional was the first and only one hospital in the state to use the robotic system DaVinci for cardiothoracic surgeries.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!
  9. by   SteveNNP
    Greenville Memorial's website is

    Spartanburg Regional is

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