Have anyone applied to Spartanburg community college nursing 2012

  1. I just did my application to the college today. Yes. I know that I have a little time but it's worth the try. We have to take packets over to the college on the 15th. I hate that part because I live far off but thanks to a friend car pooling cause she is doing the same. I have already applied for three colleges and I really have faith that I will get in atleast two out of three but I found out that spartanburg does not do an entrance exam so I thought I would have a higher chance with them. I have studied for the entrace exams but to have one college with know entrance is a plus. If there is anyone that has graduated from this college or has applied can you please share with me your experience or even what someone has shared with you. I was told by there admission that they had 100% passing rate the last three years. Are there some things you don't like about the program? Is the program really hard because they don't have an entrance exam? or is it the regular study your butt off and make the grade? I know all programs are hard but there are some that come with baggage. Are the teachers helpful or just there to see you fall. I live in Georgia so I don't even know anything about Spartanburg. If you want to really get staight forward you can email me personally at ronda5180@hotmail.com Thanks for your feedback!!!!!! I can't wait till testing and applying to colleges are over.
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    I'm just curious to know how many points did everyone have on their nursing program apps when they got accepted. I am in the prerequisite stage and so far i love the college.