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Hey all! I posted a while back about considering relocating to SC after graduation (326 days!!). Well, my husband is on the fence about the subject so we've decided to take Labor Day Weekend as a... Read More

  1. by   BlueferralRN
    I just graduated from Nursing school in Aiken SC. Nice area (too much pollen). My wife and I just moved back to Simpsonville, SC. Love the place. This is the area Greenville county has decided to use as the bedroom community for the City of Greenville.

    The bonus ... 15 min to St. Francis Hospital, 20 min to Village Hospital (Spartanburg Regional), 25 min to Greenville Memorial, 30 min to Spartanburg Regional, 35 min to Mary Black Memorial, 45 min to Laurens County Hospital. So as you can see very limited choices for employment (notice the sarcasm).

    Add to that the great school system that my wife and I dont use. Private montessori school for our boys when they are older. My wife works in Greenville proper her commute is 20 to 25 min.

    Need a church ... we have em in abundance. Baptist to greek orthodox to your choice of temples, etc.

    Buy a starter home about 30 years old for 90 to 110k. Buy a brand new starter for 130k. My wife and I rent a 3br 2ba for 900 a month good neighborhood walking distance from an elementary school.

    If you have kids stop by the Simpsonville park this weekend (Labor day)they are having a carnival for the kids.

    Call Showman Real Estate a local simpsonville Realtor and ask about seeing a couple houses. You can google them just type in the company name and put simpsonville at the end. (plug for a relatives company).

    Anywho love the area glad to be back. Hope you enjoy the area.

    Blueferral RN
  2. by   SteveNNP
    Quote from pawashrn
    Although, The green/spart area has been praised in some of the other postings. May I bring in a little reality check. The education in S.C. ranks low in national ratings, homes are made of vinyl siding with little to no character, the roads are poorly signed for getting around and I see very little broad thinking, most everyone is pretty much lateral. They don't seem to move outside the box. Alot of alcohol and drug consumption. But any area can be the way I described here. It is what you put in to it. Be a part of your childs education, guide your child and yourself away from drugs and alcohol. Your husband is a carpenter, so therefore you have a built in handy man who can gingerbread your home into stunning showcase.

    As far as being "outside the box," Greenville/Spartanburg is smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. I would not generalize that all of South Carolina is known for its lack of "broad thinking." Many homes are made with vinyl siding, but with housing prices the way they are, you can sell a home on the East Coast and have plenty of land, house, and $$ to make it look the way you like. Many newer communities are brick homes. IMHO, most of the starter ranch homes are brick.....

    As for school, you have the power to choose where your child goes. There are many private schools in the area if public school is out of the question.

    IMHO, it's a great, affordable area in which to raise your children in a place where values are respected, and a polite culture still remains.