Future LPN moving to Aiken, SC

  1. Hi everyone! My husband's job is relocating him to South Carolina in the spring of 2010, and I'll be joining him as soon as I finish my PN program. We're looking at Aiken, and I was wondering about the job opps. for LPNs in the area. I'm more interested in LTC than anything else. And if anyone could give me an idea about what kind of pay to expect, I'd sure appreciate it. I've checked the pay scale websites, but for some reason hearing it from other LPNs in the area would make me feel a lot better. Any information would be very, very appreciated; anything to make this move a little less intimidating!
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  3. by   sleepyface
    hello i am also an LPN and am moving to aiken next month from Atlanta. I can tell you that there is no shortage of LTC facilities in aiken and all the ones I have called have told me they are hiring.....good luck in school and your job hunt maybe I'll see you up there
  4. by   P_RN
    Mama was at PepperHill Ecf right behind the Aiken Hospital. I was quite impressed with many of the nurses there. There's also Mattie C. Hall ECF on the other side of town. Over in Williston about 18 mi east, there's Laurel Baye-nice. Welcome to the prettiest little state around.