Florence Darlington Technical College

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    Anybody gonna be attending FDTC in August 2013 for the nursing program?

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    HI I applied in 3/2013 Have you received your letter yet?
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    I could not help myself I called and Ms. Russell said that letters will be mailed out at the end of the month.
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    Hi im glad that you have replied im so nervous right now i have not received my letter yet and i have also been hounding Ms. Russell about different stuff. I live in Sumter and i wasn't aware that Florence Counties get in first i thought it was more like first come first serve. I have no doubt that i will not get in but I'm still nervous. I cannot wait to receive this letter in the mail so that i can enjoy my summer like i want to. Do you have all your bio's. I will have all mine by august so i hope that's a plus for me getting in being that I'm already an out of county student. I'm wishing me and you Good Luck i hope we both get in together its always fun to meet new people and hopefully we get in together we can become nursing school friends (haha). I'm looking forward to this because i heard that this is a really good school and I'm willing to put my all in it to succeed. May i ask are you a Florence county resident?
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    Hi Bracey I live in Georgia. Wow for me. I'm taking micro now but all my other classes are finished. I'm a firm believer that I will be accepted b/c I'm out of county and state they can charge me extra I 'll be making them some money. and lots of it.
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    Good luck, hope y'all get in, that out of county thing sucks, that is why I didn't get in because all the in county spots were filled. There is hope because after I got accepted at another college the dean from FDTC sent me a letter saying if I was still interested for Spring 2013 contact her, but I was finishing up my first semester at another school. Another thing they want all BIOs completed by the time you turn in your app. My advice would be to apply to as many nursing programs, don't put all your eggs in one basket.
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    Got my letter today
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    Hey bracey have you got
    your letter yet?
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    yeah didn't get in
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    Did u get in? I heard that this person got in that lives in sumter but used a florence address how sucky is that, im not upset or anything im about to study for this teas test and ace it so that I can apply to central carolina Tech. I took it before and i got a couple points off on getting proficient but hey im going for it again plus i got the study manual for the teas.

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