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Anybody gonna be attending FDTC in August 2013 for the nursing program?... Read More

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    Did your letter tell you why you was not chosen? Well what's the TEAS test all about that test scare the crap out of me, I know lots of people who can't pass it. Ms. Russell @FDTC say scores wont keep you out they test after you've been accepted. I'm going to try again in September.

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    yeah it did i cant find the letter right now to specify words but it was something about they chose from the people who has all their bios and it told me to apply again in august or the next application date and the teas test is test of essential academic skills basically to test your math skills, science skills, reading and english skills. Its stressful because its a timed test and you feel really pressured while taking it.
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    Hey, Bracey are you ready for this application?
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    Hello ladies, I am aware this post is old but it seems this forum is not active. Have any of you applied this time?
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    Hey Ash, yes I applied in September 2013, and am impatiently waiting for the mailman I've rearranged my living room so that the recliner is facing the door. LOL
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    Lol! I am waiting too! I was talking to my adviser and asking her what classes I should sign up for if I do not get in. She goes , "The letters were mailed on Thursday." She also stated she has no idea what I should do since I am finished with everything needed. So the wait may not be too much longer. I am nervous. I have hit a string of really bad luck recently so I am not hopeful.

    Good luck to you though!
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    I spoke too soon apparently

    I got my letter today and I have my seat.

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