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I was wondering if anyone on here has attended/is currently attending ECPI in Greenville, SC LPN program? I have started the admission process but would really like to here from some past student... Read More

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    The classes do not transfer to a lot of places, there was one online program (LPN to RN bridge) that I found but I have it written down on my desk at home, I will have to get back to you on that one. We started out with 20 and I know for sure of two that wont be able to retun and have heard of two more. You are not allowed to make below an 80 in any of the classes, this is why they will not be returning. Honestly, If I was younger, no responsibilities, and could go to a 2 or 4 year program I would over ECPI, but like I said before this right for me right now....It is a lot of money so be very sure before you sign on and also you may have to make a $100 dollar payment each month, so its alot to think about. Hope I helped some.

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    Thanks for the info ruby123. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and will be contacting you again soon regarding clinicals. You are so right about the amount of money--a lot to think about and a major decision. I attended their open-house and was really impressed with the two instructors, but the recruiters were a bit pushy--lol! Good luck!
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    I will be attending ECPI at the end of July and I am so excited. I was attending Tri-County Tech. College and I was waitlisted twice. I had attended TCTC for over two years and I was fed up with not being able to get into their Nursing Program. I realize that ECPI is very expensive but to be accepted into the Nursing Program is priceless.
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    Ruby I would like to ask you about this program at ecpi lpn and rn program. I live an hour away from charleston could you help in answering some of my questions?
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    I sure will try to answer your questions sarah237! Ask away!
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    Hi Ruby,

    Is the program really hard? Are you in LPN or Rn program? I wanted to do the RN program. How many hours of studying do you do? Do you know when the RN program starts? Anything else important that I might need to know? I live near Charleston about a hour away. Thank you!
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    Sarah, I am doing the LPN program, right now there is no RN program at the Charleston ECPI campus. I study anywhere from 3 to 5 hours at night after class, it depends on if I am grasping the info well or not from that days lecture. The terms are 5 weeks long (fast paced!) and the time and days vary. Start time is 8, some days you could be done by 12 some days 4, depends on what course your in at the time. Clinical days are 6:30 to 1 or 2 depends on the clinical site. I know a few girls who drive from Columbia or Kingtree SC that are in the program, it's ALOT of work but can be done. Again, no RN program yet, I have heard talks about getting one started but that will be years from now. HTH
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    Thank you for such a quick response ! Your information was helpful.
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    What is ecpi program?
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    Hi futurenurse0115 I'm starting the program jan 27 but I'm taking a math perquisite class next month I would like to basically know how your experience is going so far with this program and what should I expect being in this program.

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