Charleston, SC - When do hospitals usually post New Grad positions?

  1. When do hospitals usually post New Grad positions? I've tried looking and was unable to find any new grad positions. Most of them says 1 year ex. required... Any suggestions on how to find new grad jobs in Charleston? Or any place (hospital, nursing homes) that will hire new grads for that matter?
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  3. by   DaveB
    I just saw a few at MUSC -- Medical University of SC -- there were 3 of them
  4. by   NurseRies
    I applied to 96 new grad jobs in charleston when I graduated 3 years ago. This was over the course of several months. I did not get one call back from any hospitals. I called the several times to ask what it takes to get an interview and they said that about 100 people apply to each new grad position and they only call 3 of them. So basically it's all about who you know. I got a job from an outpatient dialysis facility there. At the time, I didn't want it, but I took it because I had no other options. 3 years later, I love dialysis, and I did dialysis in the hospitals there in charleston. I am now a travel nurse in hospital dialysis and love it. I also could have easily transitioned into other positions at the hospital once I was in, but I like my speciality.

    Keep an open mind and don't think that med surg or hospital nursing is your only option. If you can at least do something, anything for a year, you will have better luck at getting into MUSC or roper. I applied to jobs there continuously. I finally did get an interview with the ED department, but they said I needed a few more years to be ready. Why even interview me then? I was beyond discouraged with the job market and that was 3 years ago. So look into other things then just the hospitals.
  5. by   lelafin
    In Columbia, Palmetto Health Richland and Baptist specifically hire a ton of new grads and post positions for new grads specifically. I graduated in December and applied for the new grad position, and got hired right away at Richland. I swear that my entire graduating class is working there now! Lexington hospital will hire new grads, but you have to apply for their fellowship, and usually they only will hire internally.