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  1. 0 Anybody know when to expect Nursing letters if the application deadline is March 15th...im just really anxious being that this is my second time applying and especially now that I've finished my prerequisites...im praying to get in this time around...has anybody ever gotten denied even after prerequisites were all done?
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    I heard end of April. What was your GPA/TEAS V?
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    3.0 exactly and proficient on teas. I applied last semester and didn't get in. Hopefully im lucky this semester get in...im on pins and needles im so nervous because i want it so bad. Have u applied for fall and what's your gpa/teas?
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    Hello rbracey! Have you heard anything as to when they mail letters out? I have a 2.6 and scored advanced on TEAS. Have you taken all of your pre and coreqs?
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    Good lucK!
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    @AndrewSun One lady told me it could be from the middle of April probably but im still not sure and yes i have finished all my prerequisites @PurpleLover thank you
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    Anybody hear anything yet or find out when we will?
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    I got accepted to central carolinas nursing program...im so excited!!!! Letter came today
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    Omg, congrats!Welcome to self induced torture! It will be worth it though.
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    Lol wow im getting prepared for that i think i might like being tortured if it means success in the end!
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    Congratulations rbracey! We are officially classmates! I got my letter as well. I am excited but a little nervous. We can do it though!
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    The end of the first semester is here for me and my brain is burnt out. I was use to A's, now I have to settle for B's. It is amazing though.
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    PurpleLover where are you enrolled? Sorry, I can not send private messages yet.

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