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  1. I currently live in Rhode Island and have been planning on moving to Charleston, SC after graduation. I just graduated with my BSN and will be taking the NCLEX in February.:grad: I am mostly interested in MUSC, and have been applying for any RN I (New Graduate) positons that come up on the website. I have not heard back about any of the positions, which have all been "Referred to the Hiring Manager" or filled. I am just wondering how competitive it is to get a position there with no nursing experience because there are nursing schools in Charleston which I am sure are providing them with many new grads.

    I would much rather start in Charleston than work for a year or two up here (I am so sick of the cold weather)! Does anyone know if MUSC doesn't start really considering applicants until they have their RN license? I am hoping that I will start hearing back once I pass the NCLEX, but I am worried because at the moment MUSC only lists about 1-2 New Grad positions at a time. If anyone has any information about this I would greatly appreciate it!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Try this site for the other area hospitals. http://www.sciway.net/med/charlmed.html

    I think you are correct that they want you to have passed NCLEX. You might also consider Myrtle Beach, Orangeburg, Columbia, Aiken, almost anywhere in the state is under 3 hours to Charleston, or the mountains. We are a small state but beautiful places and pretty weather.
  4. by   AshleyA
    Quote from coldnewenglander
    does anyone know if musc doesn't start really considering applicants until they have their rn license?

    i am hoping that i will start hearing back once i pass the nclex, but i am worried because at the moment musc only lists about 1-2 new grad positions at a time.
    i just checked their website ( https://www.applymuscjobs.com ) and they have about six new graduate positions listed. when is the last time you looked?

    when are you taking the nclex? i doubt you'll get much consideration if you haven't passed yet because there are many other new graduates that are applying to these same positions that have passed the nclex and have a license. they aren't going to waste their time with someone that doesn't have a license yet, sorry.

    by the way, charleston is my favorite city. i wish i lived there!
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    I checked the website this morning so they must have added the 4 new positions at some point today. I'll be taking the NCLEX in February, but wasn't sure if MUSC considers people who haven't taken the boards yet since I have friends from my graduating class who have had interviews and gotten job offers from other hospitals already, even though they haven't yet passed the NCLEX. Thank you both for the info, I'll stay hopeful!
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    I work at MUSC and just graduated too and after applying,I really think its a good idea to call the floor and try to speak to the nurse manager on the phone. My school graduated 90, and there are numerous other colleges. So I would definitely try to set myself apart!
  7. by   Annaiya
    They will consider you before you pass NCLEX, but the problem is that they have very few openings right now and there are a lot of people that are looking. Charleston is a small town with a lot of nursing graduates. I definitely wouldn't consider moving there unless you have a job.

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