Anyone know of any Evening/weekend nursing Programs in or around Myrtle Beach, Sc?

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    I am looking to relocate to Myrtle Beach, SC... I have finished my prereqs and looking to start a nursing program. (LPN or RN, prefer RN though) Only thing is wondering if anyone knows of a evening/weekend nursing programs. I know a lot of schools allow you to take prereqs at night, but I am looking for the actual program. Thank you!
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    No, there isn't a eve weekend. Horry Georgetown Tech only has weekday nursing programs. Sorry.
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    thanks for the quick response mzrainydayz... I did some research online and i didn't see many options as far as schools. do you know of any other schools that do have an evening program, like within an hour of Myrtle?
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    oh i meant to ask you as well... does HGT have a waiting list?
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    Yes, a long one!!!!!!!!!, I applied and got a acceptance letter for August 2013. I just finished my college algebra at HGTC but I will be applying to Florence Darlington Tech for the Jan 2012 class. FDTC doesn't have a waiting list ( guess I'll see when I turn my app in)
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    Quote from hallberry
    oh i meant to ask you as well... does HGT have a waiting list?
    No they are based on a points system if you get the points it doesn't matter the most points are 15 I got 14 out of 15 and went straight in I didn't wait at all if you don't get a lot of points you don't get in

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