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I have been accepted into the ADN program for Spring 2013...currently taking all the courses I can to get them out of the way. Anyone want to start a thread here to help each other along?... Read More

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    @rnstudentcharleston....I just got an acceptance letter for an earlier start date...SPRING 2013!!!!!! I'm super excited! So I will be starting with you.

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    Here we go!!! I'm so excited!! Just gotta wrap up this semester, then it's FUN damentals!
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    yes, i cant wait till this semester is OVER, im registered for my classes did my drug screen, now just waiting to start. @rnstudent how did NUR 105 go? any advice
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    Hi everyone! I just got my acceptance letter from TTC as we'll however my start date isn't till Spring 2014! That seems like light years away. I'm finishing up Micro and A&P 1 now and all I will have to take next semester is A&P 2. I was really shooting for Fall 2013 admission. Any thoughts on if applying to this Merritt Program and if it will help move my start date up?
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    @carebear I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. I got accepted for Fall 2013 and was devasted/ and happy cause i was like thats soo far away (got my letter in March) but I did the merit and did not get that, but since I was one of the first people to apply for spring 13'( the website had just switched to Fall13' when i did my app) I got my move up letter in September. So there is still a chance you will get in for Fall, just have hope cause I know I was just like you.
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    I am looking to transfer to TTC from Indiana! I could use some words of wisdom
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    Just checking in! First test next week in 104 and we get to go to our clinical sites! The really good stuff is happening in lab, and even though it IS a LOT of material, it's still exciting and fun! How are y'all doing?
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    Okay, for all of those future/current RN students that are going to Trident Technical College. I will let you in on a little secret that Trident Tech is not telling you about... I graduated in December 2011. This program is very hard, and about 25% of the original class will graduate on time. The secret is called MAGNET! Currently MUSC, Roper Hospital, St. Francis (currently holds Magnet status), VA hospital are all currently preparing for this. The problem for an ADN is in order for these hospitals to get this status 80% of your nurses have to be a BSN. It took me 6 months to find a job, I have years of hospital experience, and it is not at a hospital. Yes, there are some (very few) ADN new grads that got a job in some of these facilities, but it was because they worked there as a CNA or knew someone. There are MANY cases of ADN grads working as a CNAs in these facilities when they are an RN, waiting on a job to open up (6 months - 1 year), got passed over, and they never got hired! Please be advised go BSN if you live in the Charleston area and are planning to stay, do not waste your time. Too many ADN nurses are not getting jobs and are being passed over for BSN. Trident Tech knows all of this and they are not telling you!
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    @ rnstudentcharleston, I'm starting the program in the Fall. Any words of advice? Is it really as hard and trying as everyone has stated? Did you get all of your Pre req's out of the way? If so do you only have two classes a semester? I've finished all my prerequisite so all I have are the nursing courses. When can we take the dosage exam? And last question for right now...what classes did you take first semester? What teachers to take or not to take?
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    hey all, i just got bumped up by merit placement to the fall 2013, and I too am just taking nursing classes since this is my second degree. jnlaw, fill me in on anything you find out!

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