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    If I dont get something monday I am going to call and ask if they sent them out yet. I hate this wait! Its driving me crazy lol

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    I was told the letters would be sent out on the 20th, called again Friday and the health director said they encountered some problems and it would be another couple of weeks. I really hope it does not really take that dang long. I am dying here. Does anyone know if a 40 on the scoring matrix is average? I know the highest possible is a 47. I got a 2 and 3 on my teas.
    Good luck everyone.
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    Pretty sure a 40 is above average. I was told when i spoke to the advisor that she had been telling people to have a 30 at least before applying.
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    my friend was told 35 wasnt good enough, sure wish they would get their scoring in order
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    When was she told that? May 1st i was told 30 to apply for competitive application.
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    I know if thats true I definitely didnt make the cut
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    she was told that in may when she turned in her application. How do you only get a 30 out of a 47 max? Did you have all your core courses finished? I dont mean to sound rude but it seems near impossible.
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    No bachelor's degree,not an lpn, and dont have 12ch at atc. Teas test was bad due to have low sleep (i have a new baby) and yes all my core classes are done. I have a 31 on the application sheet.
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    that just does not seem right, did you happen to get all A's on your cores? I also dont have a bachelors, lpn, or atc credits
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    Still no word????

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