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  1. 1 Just out of curiosity, how many people were accepted into atc's program with only 34 points on the 47 point scale system?
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    Hi there. I am not sure how many total, but during my fall '12 micro class, I knew three persons that were accepted with under 34 points, and heard of some as low as 29 or 30- possibly less.
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    Hello I also have 34 points, and I am wondering how long it takes to get a response. Deadline was September 27 2013 for Jan 2014.
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    I also applied for spring 2014, I don't think we will hear anything until the first week of November is what I have been told. So I am going to try to be patient. Any else who has applied? If you don't mind me asking how many points do you have? I have 34. I know someone who got inn fall semester 2013 with 31 points. So we will see. Good luck to everyone
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    I too, applied for Spring 2014. I had 36 points. I also know someone that was accepted in Spring 2013 with 29 points. There is hope for the rest of us. Good luck everyone and hopefully we'll be hearing something soon.
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    I also am trying to wait as patiently as I can. I have 34 points, so hopefully it's good enough for an acceptance. I called the admissions and they stated that we should receive a notice at the end of October. I also applied to the LPN program, and I hope that it wasnt a bad idea. Will we be notified by postal mail or by email??? Just curious...Good luck to All who have been striving hard to get accepted!!
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    I was told that letters went out yesterday!!! We should know something by this Friday!!! Patienty waiting!
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    With nervous anticipation, I check the mailbox daily! Glad to know that the letters are on their way. Pray I find an acceptance letter this week! Keep me posted on your status! Good luck!
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    Did you talk with someone in Admissions or the Nursing Program? Thanks!
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    Has anyone heard anything? My letter obviously got lost in the mail. I phoned in and was told the letters were mailed Monday. I asked if I was accepted and she said I was. Would love to know any info in the packet that I've not received. Thanks!
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    I received my letter on Friday. I've been ACCEPTED to the ADN program!! Kudos to me!! Has anyone else received their letter yet?
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    Congrats you on your acceptance! I recently found out, this past Saturday that I was accepted at Florence-Darlington Tech. I have even started the things they require of you. The background check, drug screening etc. This is the most exciting and scary thing ever!
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    Congrats to you!!! I wish you the best of luck throughout your program!

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