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  1. 0 Hi! I'm an ER RN with 7 years of ER/peds/PICU (but mostly ER)experience. Was wondering what the job market/pay rate is like in the Aiken area... Any good agencies?(not necessarily travel agencies but those that allow you to self schedule to fill in scheduling needs) I am looking to relocate with my two horses (the area is a hotspot for equestrian activities) I am looking for a similar situation that I'm in now.i work for our hospitals' (we have 5 in our system) agency, have no benefits but make higher pay and self schedule which works for my riding competitions/training... I would need to work approx 48 hrs/week! Thanks!
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    Hi Caraffe1, I just found the time to get back on. Huby has been in hospital and that's put me way out of sorts for computer time.

    Aiken...hmmm. I live about 25 mi from there. It is a beautiful town. The whole of Aiken County is lovely. However, there is only one hospital in the county. They do have a good ER, and inpatient facility, and my mother was a patient there many times before she passed away. The hospital is private, situated just across from University of SC-Aiken Campus a full 4 year excellent school. Aiken county is called "Thoroughbred Country."

    Just across the Savannah River are I believe 5 major hospitals in Augusta GA. My niece works at University Hospital and Loves it. The Medical College of Georgia (It has a new name now...hmmm) is also a huge facility.

    Now I've said all that, my whole career orientation has been towards Columbia, and though Aiken is my county seat, I know virtually nothing about it.
    (I could tell you reams about Columbia though.)

    Let me do some research through my niece and see if I can find out what you want. Meanwhile is a site that features South Carolina jobs, leisure, county and town information etc.


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