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this is a dumb question.

  1. 0 hi. i am new to school nursing (had my first day on friday). and i have to submit a report on immunizations to the state by 10/31. part of the report wants me to know how many students exactly are in each grade k-12. how do i know how many kids are in each grade? is there a specific place where this number could be found or office within a school that would typically have this information? i know this is a dumb question but i figure i'd ask it here first if anyone could help me out. i apologize in advance because i realize there must be a lot of eye rolling going on right now. ok thanks.
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    Request a report from your principal in each building, along with a current class list of each grade. There is probably a database (Powerschool, Teacherease, etc) that you can access with the proper authorization from your administration.

    Not a dumb question, BTW
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    Never a dumb question. I'd ask a secretary for a class-by-class listing. Chances are you'll want that for lots of different reasons. Jolie makes a good point--we use PowerSchool and I have access and use it daily for immunizations, checking a student's schedule and attendance, finding a student, checking medical alerts, etc.
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    thank you!!! i will ask the school secretary and if need be the principal who seems like a great support for me. one less thing for me to worry about when it comes to this state report! thanks guys!!! i really appreciate it
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    Your registrar or an administrator should be able to get that for you. Fortunately, we use SNAP and can pull most of the info ourselves. And, its not a dumb question.