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  1. How are your school districts handling the new changes regarding notifiable conditions.
    regardingexclusion requirements for headlice have been removed.
    I haven't had an incident yet.
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  3. by   NursChu
    I'm confused, I just became a school nurse this year and I don't report headlice to anyone but the parent :/. was I supposed to be reporting it?
  4. by   cruzcontrol
    ChelseaChu= sorry I meant with the exclusion removed, schoolnurses no longer send student's home if headlice are found.
  5. by   NursChu
    Sorry, I so misunderstood. I did have an issue regarding teachers and administration disagreeing on when it is appropriate to send students home regarding head lice. We were advising but not requiring students to go home if live bugs were found but not nits. A principal wanted us to stop advising that parents take students home with live bugs (we were only doing this with elementary students because they are more likely to spread the little critters).

    Being the new district nurse I was 'ok' with this as long as it didn't go against state rules. So I backed her up and parents and teachers threw a fit :/

    I don't agree with taking students out of school for lice but it is hard to keep elementary children from spreading it to one another.

    We now leave it up to the parents and constantly call if there is no improvement and it is obvious that they are not being treated.