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Student Body Odor - page 3

I'm a high school nurse and am wondering how you all handle student body odor complaints. It is a delicate issue and I feel like I'm walking a fine line of being accused of singling a student out.... Read More

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    I personally have had a problem recently. My mom and grandma were of the generation that washed their hair once a week at the beauty shop. They usually bathed everyday or at least did a sponge bath. But only washed their hair once a week. I never honestly smelled a bad odor on them.

    So I have always washed my hair every single day no matter what. Then a couple of years ago my sister and I visited a salon that was extremely upscale and expensive (she had won free spa coupons!) So I had them color my hair while I was there etc... The stylist got after me and yelled at me for washing my hair everyday. I am 40 years old. She said once a week is all I should be washing my hair. I was baffled by this and confused how does anyone wash their hair only once a week??? I exercise sometimes and sweat!! I mow the yard and there's tons of dust! Even if i never did any of these things, YUCK!! So I tried to give it a try and I could only go 2 days between hair washing. People were talking about me behind my back about how I stunk! I scrubbed and bathed every single day sometimes twice a day but I guess you stiill have bacteria on your scalp and my hair stunk!!! I even got some spray that you can clean the roots, but I found out that I just have to wash my hair every day or ever other day. Learned that the hard way after being humiliated. Don't listen to these fancy expensive salons!!!