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  1. 2 hi, just checking on you........ If you need help feel free to pm me. I will do my best to help you.
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    lol!!!! i am doing great, thanks ! i am becoming more and more comfortable as the days go by. i have my diabetic student under control, figured out my lunch break (even though there was some drama with it that i could have done without), and am learning who my frequent fliers are (students AND teachers). i guess my biggest gripe is that there's all this drama and office politicking going on that i really don't want to be involved with but somehow teachers and administration keep trying to drag me into the middle of. all in all i really love my job!!! thanks for checking in
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    glad to hear. i love my job too. try to fly under the radar re: office politics.... your life will be much more peaceful!
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    i am trying to stay out of it as much as possible. when someone tries to gossip to me i just tell them i don't want to get involved. i work in a special needs school but the truth is the adults seem to be more disturbed than the kids.
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    yes that is usually this situation!