School Starting Soon HELP!! (vent)

  1. I am an RN in Texas and just finished my 20th year on the same campus. The principal (his first year was last year) was late with my end of year evaluation and I just received it in my email (school finished in May). The following "cut and paste" just floored me. Any input? Is this the part of my contract that says "other duties as assigned"?

    Professional development goals for next school year:

    Given the reduction in office staff for next year, the following procedures/duties are assigned to you:

    1) Reside in the front office to assist in communicating with parents, children, and staff who visit or call office. Reside in the nurses office when: a) Cindy is present in the front office b) due to privacy or health related reasons, students must be treated in the nurse office or when nursing duties require confidentiality and/or privacy.

    Texas school nurses jobs were on the chopping block this year due to huge state budget cuts. He was well informed by administration and myself about school nurse duties and responsibilities. I am lucky if I can even get a "Good Morning" out of this guy. For example.... I organized a free flu mist clinic to be held on campus (700 students) and he told me that my "little project" would be taking away from instructional time.

    Any ideas/advice/input would mean so much to me.

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  3. by   bergren
    Show up in the front office with your suitcase of work, antibacterial hand wipes and a smile and dig in.

    If this is the only way to save your job, make the best of it and it might be a great way to solve the age old problem of "no one knows what I do". Be that team player. When you are "fetched" the upteenth time and he is exposed to the vomit and germs that traverse to and from your office, he may reassess.

    Set up the flu clinic again this year not during instructional time - kudos to you!!!
  4. by   Jolie
    I can't imagine a student health visit that doesn't require privacy and confidentiality. For the first day or two, I would knock on his door each time a student arrives to be seen and announce that you must escort the student to your office.

    I think he'll catch on pretty quickly.

    The other thing that always amazes me is how intelligent and cost-conscious administrators can't see that paying an assistant $8-10/hr. to man the front desk has got to be a better use of funds than having the nurse do so at a cost of $25/hr.
  5. by   ChesapeakeRN
    I'm getting the same thing!! On top of my nursing duties I also have to.... teach music (I have NO educational background) and interview perspective substitute teachers!!!
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from ChesapeakeRN
    I'm getting the same thing!! On top of my nursing duties I also have to.... teach music (I have NO educational background) and interview perspective substitute teachers!!!
    This is crazy !!!!

    OP this is not fair. How are you supposed to do both ? I would start looking for another school district if you can. Best of luck to you in these unfair conditions.
  7. by   bergren
    The administrators are trying to save school nurse positions. They are being creative.
  8. by   Kim O'Therapy
    They wanted to pull me for other duties in the morning (getting bus riders to class, car pool lane, etc). So, I pulled a report for all the visits I get from children coming in right off the bus (before the first bell) and the kids that come in on their way out from school. You know, those last minute asthma attacks, the headache that waited all day and NOW Johnny decides to come in on his way to the bus. Of course, I also have to assess kids that got into physical fights on the bus, walking to/from school, and....well you get the picture. Once my principal saw that I would never be able to stay at my post, she let me out of extra duties. To make up for it, I try to make the coffee every morning between students.