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School Nurse Procedure/Policy Manual

  1. 1 I am starting a new job as a school nurse in NY. I noticed on the web that some states and/or large cities have published school nurse manuals and I was wondering if anyone who is a school nurse in NY would be willing to send theirs if you have one in your district to me. I am entering a school where I will be the only nurse in the district and the previous nurse left 2 months ago so I will be starting with little information from her. It gives me a lot of freedom to set things up the way I would like but I would love to see a school nurse manual from another NY school to help me start out and begin to formulate one for my new job.

    thanks so much!
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    Hey--I am in New York City. I wrote my own handbook, but 90% of it relates to our computer system. If you PM me an e-mail I will send it to you, though. For protocols, I generally use this from Illinois: We are private, though. I would imagine a public school might have other set protocols/policies. This website also has a lot of resources:, and if you contact them they can maybe set you up with a mentor in your area. I know they have done that in the past. Good luck!
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    Great resources! Thank you. I will begin as a NYC School Nurse in 2014, and plan to study up and gather materials into a binder for my office. Thank you, intheweeds!

    And, a question to 100kids, how is your work going?