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Record software for school nurses

  1. 1 Hi everyone! I am the school nurse for a private school of 350+ prek through 8th grade students. My school is changing administrative record keeping programs, and I may have the opportunity to select some new nurse-specific health record software! I'm excited

    But anyway, I was wondering what programs you all would recommend. Budget is a big consideration. I've seen some programs with extensive functions that really don't apply to my school, being that we are small and private. However, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    we use realtime..user friendly, love it
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    Can you send a link to a website? I'm not seeing your program when I search for Realtime. Thanks!
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    I use healthmaster and am transitioning into realtime. I like the healthmaster software better than the realtime, personally, but donnacee probably has her realtime set up better than it is in my school when they send it to you it's like a blank canvas and you have to customize it to what you want. I'll miss healthmaster when the plug is finally pulled.
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    It was already on my system when I started. Im not sure of a link, but a phone 3 that I have is 732-678-5142
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    Thanks so much!