Please help: school nurse interview

  1. Hello all

    If anybody has any advice or tips I would very much welcome it.

    I have an interview in a few weeks for a school nurse post. I have no experience in this area, I currently work on a respiratory ward. I'm was wondering if anyone could give me advice on any possible scenarios or questions they may ask me.

    Thank you
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  3. by   Dimple58
    Let them know that you are comfortable around children and would love to work in the clinic. They may ask why you want to change to school nursing and why you would be a good fit. They may ask if you are experienced with asthma, seizures, diabetics, trauma, first aid, ( as you will be the only medical source of first line of help). They may ask what you would do in certain senarios dealing with asthma, seizures, diabetics or trauma. Just tell them briefly what you would do, with the end result being the child was safe through you or 911 was called if needed. Look and refresh yourself on basic school children health conditions. Know in advance about the school size and if possible the climate of children health needs. Also you will need to be certified to screen vision, hearing and maybe scoliosis later on. Let them know you are comfortable in working with the demands of children and you are up to it and have been around them before (you can briefly name relatives, church activities,ect.). My first job 7 years ago I interviewed with no experience in pediatrics or school nursing. But I talked about how I was comfortable with asthma, seizures and diabetic students. I told them I have always desired a school nurse job. I acted interested, sunny and thrilled with being their school nurse. Finally they told me I was up against one other person and asked why should they choose me. I said because I have a passion for school nursing. I have tons of medical experience. I am comfortable with what I do. I am a perfect fit for your school. I am a teamplayer. I am a people's person and have excellent communication skills. I would love to work with the students, teachers and staff. I got the job! Good Luck to you!
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