New job, new pay

  1. I'm a new nurse who recently took a position as a classroom nurse in a special needs classroom. It's a year round school, with 6 weeks of vacation, weekends off and 30 hours a week. My question is the pay. It ends up being a little less than 35k for the year-- 27 an hour. Is that ok for classroom nurse position?
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  3. by   Mom of Diskids
    I work every weekend for 16 hr shifts and make 23/hr...... I am jealous!!Congrats on the job offer!!
  4. by   schooldistrictnurse
    Depends on where you are. That's a bit above average for starting in the Midwest--west coast pay is higher and southern states lower, generally.
  5. by   Jolie
    Only you can decide if the pay is OK. If it is within the normal range for your area, and it is enough for you to pay your bills, then you may decide that it is acceptable. If not, then you may decide to try and negotiate for more. But be aware. Most employers (schools, hospitals or businesses) have a set range within which the salary for any given position must fall. They know that range, while you do not. If you are unable to come to terms within that range, they will offer the job to another candidate.