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How do you answer this question?

  1. 0 I'm going for my 2nd interview for a school nurse position on Monday - I've wanted to be a school nurse since first starting nsg school - what can I say to really impress upon the interviewers that I am the right candidate? What is a good answer to the question, "why should we hire you?"
    I really want and need this job. I'm currently an ICU nurse, but have really had it with hospital nsg and schedules - have 3 young daughters who need me at home.
    would appreciate all help! Thank you!
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    That question always comes at the end of an interview. Earlier in the interview you should have asked them what are the challenges particular to their school and what specific needs are they looking for the school nurse to address. Then your answer to the 'why should we hire you' question is easy to answer. You simply highlight your skills and demonstrate how you have the acumen to address their challenges.

    Good luck. The day I left hospital nursing was the happiest day in my career.

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    Thanks Minnie - I SO hope I land this job, I am burned out on hospital politics, drama, and scheduling! You gave me some great advice, I am spending the next 4 days practicing my interviewing skills -

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    Tell them you have a heart for children and it's what you've always wanted to do. Keep it short, simple, and honest and you'll do fine!