Does your school have nebulizers there? Does your school have nebulizers there? | allnurses

Does your school have nebulizers there?

  1. 0 Or does the child need to bring in from home? Thanks in advance!
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    I have machine but they have to supply the tubing and mouthpiece/mask along with the med. Most don't have trouble getting extra supplies to keep at school. My machine was donated by a parent.
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    Nebraska has a state law mandating every school to have an emergency kit containing adult and child epi-pens, a nebulizer, albuterol in saline and a few other items. The school must have a protocol signed by a local physician directing the use of this kit in the event of a presumed severe asthma attack or anaphylactic reaction.

    So, yes, every school has a nebulizer. But it is to be used only when the emergency protocol is implemented.

    Children with routine or prn orders for a nebulizer must bring their own from home, along with tubing and meds.
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    Thank you both!
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    We have our own neb machine but the students need to provide their own tubing/mouthpiece/mask & medication. Medication must be in original package with prescription label - label must have all the current info - name, dose, frequency etc & can not be expired.