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    hello, I am new to this nursing forum and i have a couple of questions mind u i am a premed student not a nursing student. I was just wondering how do u become a cna and what does the job entail in terms of duties. I ask because I want to volunteer which is a requirement for medical schools and I actually want to have patient interaction not just run errands. Also another thing in terms of gross factor do i have to deal with feces and what not. Thanks I appreciate any of your responses
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  3. by   bergren
    You do not need to be a CNA to volunteer. There are plenty of volunteer jobs tht involve interaction that do not require patient care. In fact, it would be a lot harder to find a job that involves a CNA license that is a volunteer job versus a paying job due to liability.

    On the other hand, I have physician friends who felt that working as a CNA part time while in Med School gave them a significant heads up on several levels:

    1. Understanding basic patient care.

    2. Undertanding all the roles on the health care team.

    3. How to get along with all those on the health care team and how to treat them. What kinds of information are known best by whom and to include all in their deliberations about the patient's status.

    4. Terminology & tests - a primer!

    5. Seeing how some doctors cook their own goose in their health team interactions. Learning what NOT to do.

    6. How to really listen to patients and families.

    7. If working as a CNA in home care, what it really entails taking care of a fragile high maintenence patient in a home setting and the impact of having non-family caretakers in a person's home.

    There are probably a few other things I am not thinking of.
  4. by   bergren
    Gross factor:

    Forgot to say that to even ask this question makes me doubt if you understand what is entailed in medicine or medical school. If this is really an issue to you (I know that some people really cannot stomach it) , I think you better reconsider your career choice.
  5. by   INNYC28
    thank u I have to agree with u about choosing another volunteer position being a cna is not for me too much going on in terms of gross factor, It would be really helpful if u gave me some suggestions.
  6. by   bergren
    Hospice will provide a lot of interaction and no patient care - you may help with ambulation take for a walk in a wheelchair, play cards , read to the patient, talk to family members. If it is a child - PLAY!!!
  7. by   INNYC28
    bergren to answer your question yes I understand what medical school entails. ex: Gross Anatomy I know is a big gross factor but one thing is to dissect a cadaver and another is to wipe feces or what not. From what I understand the wiping of fluids and feces are done by the nurses not the doctor. So gross factor will be something I will have to worry about during the first 2 years of med school if not less.
  8. by   INNYC28
    Also may I add I do not think it is your place to decide what career i should pursue obviously i understand what medical entails if not I would have not endured 3 yrs as a premed conducting research and what not. I came on this board seeking advice on what a cna does not what I should do with my life. THank u anyway but maybe u r the one who does not know what medical school entails vs. what MD duties are.
  9. by   bedpan

    just wow!
  10. by   itsme
    Good luck as a doc if you dont think you will have anything to do with the "gross stuff".
  11. by   Havin' A Party!
    No offense to anyone, but... not sure this thread's for real.

    I'll just echo what bedpan said.

  12. by   INNYC28
    no the thread is for real its just annoying how people like to discourage others but guess what there is nothing anyone can say to me. Everyone can worry about their careers or future careers not mine thanks again. By the way either people have a comprehension disorder or they cannot read I never said that in medicine there is not gross stuff all I said was that compared to nursing there is alot alot less. I also do not know if people are aware that there are alot of specialties where the gross factor is alot less than in nursing. Why the hell is everyone jumping on me all I did was ask a simple question do not answer it if you are offended.
  13. by   bergren
    I heard a great comment recently and cannot remember who said it. "Anyone who thinks diapers are gross has never seen person who has a trach with a cold."
  14. by   INNYC28
    Its funny how u nurses are so proud of cleaning feces and will jump at anybody who doesnt like the thought of doing that. I have read your posts always talking down to people when the gross factor is brought up. Good for u for loving to clean up after people you should have been a housekeeper obviously this offends many of you I will put this stupid thread to rest. Never again will I post in any of these forums all u guys know how to do is attack people and on top of that u attack people with info that is incorrect get a clue. You've seen a couple of residents do some procedures and u generalize what doctors do and compare it to nursing duties when u know its not the same thing. OHHHHHH you nurses live in lala land. See Ya