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Hi All, I have just been hired at a rural hospital with total beds 39. There is also a three bed ICU uh should I say room? Anyways, I previously worked in a 200 + bed facility and the floor that I was charge nurse on was a 36... Read More

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    Things are more than a little different here - the rural hospitals do not have much of an orientation - actually last time I worked in one the orientation consisted of showing you how to get a hold of the LMO and warning you not to feed the possums.

    Our rural hospitals the new grad is often left alone or just with one EN on a shift. There may only BE 8 or 9 staff for the entire hospital.

    Our remote area hospitals are often only manned by one nurse - that is it no more. The doctor is the flying doctor and may be at least one to two hours away by plane on a good day. They do have phone lines though so you can call and speak to someone.

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    Wow! What a huge difference! I didn't realize that.

    Our hospital always has an MD present and is staffed by 2-3 RN's and one LPN w/ 2 CNA's. Unless we have less than 3 patients, then we drop off one CNA and the LPN. One RN covers the ER and the other usually covers the floor and OB. If there is an ICU pt present, then we call in an additional RN to staff 1:1 in ICU

    I've only felt short staffed once here. It was one of those crazy full-moon sort of days where the admits never stopped and the ER was constantly full and 2 OB's came in. Made for an interesting day that's for sure! I felt like I was back at the trauma center!

    Thanks for letting me know what a difference it is for you.
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    Not a problem - not a lot of people living in the cities here don't realise just how sparse the population is in some of these areas. Still remember meeting the Director of Nursing (and only nurse) for one of our gem mining towns - maitained that his patients only swung down out of the trees every third week:roll
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    You are too funny!

    By the way, I love your signature line. We were just talking about that issue on a different board I'm on - about how a person chooses HOW to react to what a person says on these internet boards. Perfect timing, I may have to pass those words of yours on!

    Have a great day
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    how extensively have you travelled throughout QLD when you have worked in non-metro areas?
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    evie, I work in a 15 bed hospital- came here from a major trauma center- used to work ICU. I think you would be just fine starting in a small facility, providing they have a good preceptor program and resources, either books or computers, I would be very careful to not be left alone too soon. Warm bodies may be a bit scarce at times in a rural setting. But you are right about the scope- we treat them all, whether we like it or not.
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    I have to say thank you for all your input. I know I didn't ask the original question, but I've really been struggling with where to work when leaving school. I'm currently working as an aide at a rural 25-bed hospital and was worried that I would be missing out by staying here. But, you're right! You are exposed to much more variety in this setting. Thank you so much!

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