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Hi All, I have just been hired at a rural hospital with total beds 39. There is also a three bed ICU uh should I say room? Anyways, I previously worked in a 200 + bed facility and the floor that I... Read More

  1. by   obliviousRN

    You are too funny!

    By the way, I love your signature line. We were just talking about that issue on a different board I'm on - about how a person chooses HOW to react to what a person says on these internet boards. Perfect timing, I may have to pass those words of yours on!

    Have a great day
  2. by   Evie

    how extensively have you travelled throughout QLD when you have worked in non-metro areas?
  3. by   mazz
    evie, I work in a 15 bed hospital- came here from a major trauma center- used to work ICU. I think you would be just fine starting in a small facility, providing they have a good preceptor program and resources, either books or computers, I would be very careful to not be left alone too soon. Warm bodies may be a bit scarce at times in a rural setting. But you are right about the scope- we treat them all, whether we like it or not.
  4. by   shygoofyone
    I have to say thank you for all your input. I know I didn't ask the original question, but I've really been struggling with where to work when leaving school. I'm currently working as an aide at a rural 25-bed hospital and was worried that I would be missing out by staying here. But, you're right! You are exposed to much more variety in this setting. Thank you so much!