New grad that was just hired at a rural hospital....

  1. 0 I am a new grad as of december of 2008, and I was just hired at a rural hospital in MT. I was wondering if anyone can give me any pointers?
    A little bit about the facility: The hospital is connected to a long term care facility, which I will be their charge nurse. I will have a max of 4 acute care patients and I will run their ER. They always have a MD and a respiratory therapist on call that live in the same town. I will orient in the day for 12 weeks but once that is over, I will be working at night as the only RN. 2 weeks of my orientation will be in the ER at a bigger facility in a larger town....just so I get some more experience in.

    Any advice would be fantastic! I am a little nervous...

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    Libby, There is nothing better than rural nursing to get you experienced in all areas. Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't let them bully you into doing anything you don't feel comfortable with. Get ready for quite the experience.
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    If your shift will be nights, they really need to provide you with some orientation time on that shift, and not just days. Things happen differently on each shift. Are you going to be the only nurse, or will you have an LPN or aide with you? Your LPN's can be a tremendous asset to you, as can NA's, so make friends. And if you're the only RN on, they need to have someone you can call if you need advice or rescue. Having a mentor that you can trust makes all the difference.
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    Thank you! They oriented me on days for the first 2 weeks and now they are keeping me on nights. I will have an NA and LPN on with me at night. Thank you for the advice. Any advice is great!!
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    Remember being on nights in a rural ER you will be all things to all people. You will go from tedium to terror in 2.2 seconds. If you have an experienced LPN don't be afraid to pick their brain, the LPN's I work with are the most wonderful nurses on the planet. The most important thing you can do is keep and open mind and be willing to learn.
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    [quote=okienurse68;3588052]Remember being on nights in a rural ER you will be all things to all people. You will go from tedium to terror in 2.2 seconds. quote]

    Ain't that the truth! Just curious, is your ER doc on site, or do you have to call him/her in?
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    We keep a doc inhouse all the time now. We have gotten busy enough that it isn't practicle to call people in any more. Used to we did without a doc for about four hours a day, now we don't have that much time without patients.
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    take a tour of the facility, and locate where things are at. Winning half the battle, especially in the ER, is knowing where things are at. It seems overwhelming. I would run the floor, while the ER nurse, just had the ER. Dont be afraid to delegate.

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