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At a recent community concert, the general surgeon's pager went off, he goes to the lobby to call the hospital, then comes back through the door and begins to look over the audience. I get up and... Read More

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    At my hospital, My co-workers usually give me the heads up if there is going to be a sick call, or that they have filled up, and need extra help. I dont mind the extra money. I like working with other shifts i dont get to see.

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    I think part of rural nursing is being available to help out if needed. It just seems to go with the territory. We don't have that many nurses working in our small rural hospital, and if we didn't stick together, we wouldn't last long!
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    I'm in a fly-in community. We are always on call... even when we are not. It get's ruff sometimes. After 6 months of "on-call" with no break your a little burnt out!

    But I love my job... where else would I get called in to do anything from plastic surgery or help deliver a baby.
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