Who applied to RIC for Spring 2012?!

  1. I hate that I have to wait until January to find out if I will be admitted! I can't wait!! Anyone else apply for Spring 2012??
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  3. by   ash0607
    Hi! I applied for the Spring semester as well. Lets just say I am trying to not noticeably stalk my postman. lol.
  4. by   jessmurph
    Quote from jessmurph
    I hate that I have to wait until January to find out if I will be admitted! I can't wait!! Anyone else apply for Spring 2012??
    Uhh yeah, me too! I know they don't send them until the second week of January... but you never know. I am hoping for sooner!!
  5. by   ash0607
    lol. Oh the waiting. Good to know second week. I knew it was in January but was not sure if it was the first or second week. I know that some of the departments have this week off and anyways grades were only due on the 27th but still... wishful thinking. lol. I try to forget about the letter and let the days go by but it is SO hard. :giggle: But its all good.
  6. by   ash0607
    Sooooooooo... Whats the verdict?
  7. by   jessmurph
    I got in! You?!
  8. by   ash0607
    ***oh nuts, the comment I just wrote magically disappeared. lol

    Wahoo! I did too! Go us. lol. No seriously. Congrats. Doesn't it feel nice to know that our destiny is longer in someone else's hands. I wish you the best in the program. Are you doing the accelerated program or just the normal 220 - 222 this semester?

    BTW my name is Ashley. I know we will probably have a class at some point together if not this semester. I can not believe the semester starts on Monday. Wicked excited.
  9. by   jessmurph
    Congrats to you too! Yes- it feels amazing and I'm so excited! I am a 2nd degree so I petitioned to take 223 and 224 also, but still haven't heard anything. I bought the books for it and stuff so we'll see! And i'm sure we'll bump into each other! I have 220 on MW 8-9:20 with Foote and 222 on Friday 11-1:50 with Blanchette (I think that's right- I might have gotten them mixed up). How about you?
  10. by   ash0607
    Good for your for taking the 4 together. I have known a few people who have done that route and it is intense but you know whats best for you and if you think its all good it will be just that. Are you going on Thursday for the "testing?" I am assuming it is simple reading, writing and math skills.

    We have Foote together (if we don't meet before then i will probably be the lady running to class every day... lol I have kids I have to drop off in their respective places each morning before class and lets just say I need to start loving mornings. lol) I have Wilks after Foote. Blanchette is a super nice lady. I think you are really going to enjoy her.
  11. by   jessmurph
    Yep- I will be at the testing from 9-12 and then I guess there is a meeting afterwards. As far as I know it's just basic math and reading comprehension. Good luck with all the preparation and with the semester!!
  12. by   ash0607
    Sounds good.

    Thanks you too.

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