What campus should i apply to with CCRI in Rhode Island?

  1. I have 4 classes to go before i can apply to the nursing program at CCRI (i am taking all 4 for the fall). Now, i don't know what campus to apply to. I have heard that the campus in Warwick is harder to get into (because there are more applicants) despite the fact that there are more seats available. I also heard that the outlining campuses such as Flanigan and Newport are easier to get into because they have less applicants. If a past or current student can shed light on this i would really appreciate it.
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  3. by   MarissaC
    hello! i applied to lincoln evening last year and there were 48 seats available and i was denied, i then applied for a second time but this time to the warwick campus for the day program and i was accepted for this fall!! there were 88 seats at the warwick campus this fall semester. I do know that alot of the people that applied to the newport campus got in the first time they applied due to lack of applicants because no-one wants to drive that far.lol most people apply to warwick lincoln and providence; warwick having the most seats available. it also depends on if you want day or evening nursing because then the seats vary. more seats during the day and less seats at night. Just keep your GPA at a 3.2 or above and you should be okayyy wherever you choose to apply good luck this fall!