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Hi All - I live on the MA/RI line and I'm looking into pretty much any affordable nursing school in the area. I put in an application for St. Joe's program but really don't know very much about it. I have tried calling a couple... Read More

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    Well Good luck!! Let me know if you get in!!!
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    Hey! I actually have a question to ask about the program at St. Joe's...I am in the process of applying right now and probably will send me application in next week...a week before the application deadline (is that bad)...I was wondering if anyone knew what they are looking for in an applicant because the website does not really give alot of details about the process...another question I had was if you have to finish the HESI test before March 17th...seeing as I am applying a week before the deadline, I doubt they would be able to send me the information about the test and have me take it all before the deadline. Any info would be great ! thanks and good luck on your nursing adventure!
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    I'm not sure that the Hesi test needs to be done by then. They are looking for a well rounded person with good grades, essay and references!! I know that's not a clear cut answer but they aren't looking for a cookie cut person ya know! It's a great school and I hope you get in.. If you have any questions feel free to ask =)
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    Thanks NSALVADORE! I hope I get in and keep up the good work in nursing! it is definately a rewarding career.
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    Thank you and your welcome!!! Definitely keep me posted!!! Best of luck
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    I think you should be able to get the HESI done by the 17th. I actually thought it wasn't that difficult. I scored in the 90's without studying at all since I really had no clue what was on it other than the very basic information they initially give you. Setting everything up was pretty quick.
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    Hi 48mystic! I have a quick question for you. I just took my Accuplacer Exams for the program and did really good in sentence completion and algebra but didn't so hot in reading comprehension and arithmetic. Do you know if these results just help them place in certain courses or do they determine your admission into the program? Thanks! Good luck with your application process!
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    Hi Lillies
    I know it's an admission requirement for St. Joe's to get into the nursing program.
    As for CCRI, they use it to place you in a level for your courses. I don't remember what the actual number ranges are, but I know you need to score a certian # to be allowed into basic college math and english courses. If your scores fall below a certain #, you will be required to take "makeup" type math or english classes before you can proceed onto college level work.

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