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I was just wondering if anyone has any information about the Critical Care Internships offered for new grads at Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children's? First priority is given to students... Read More

  1. by   bridget1228
    After waiting anxiously for two weeks, I got a call for an interview on Dec 29! I am curious what the interview has been like for those who have applied in the past. Any information would be appreciated!
  2. by   NewGrad RN BSN
    I got 2 interviews!!!!!
  3. by   bridget1228
    That's awesome! Which units?
  4. by   NewGrad RN BSN
    Sicu and surgical step-down how about you !?
  5. by   bridget1228
    Still waiting to hear back from RIH. Has anyone gotten a decision yet? This wait is awful!
  6. by   NewGrad RN BSN
    I haven't heard back yet either !
  7. by   bridget1228
    Finally heard from RIH on Friday. I got the internship!
  8. by   NewGrad RN BSN
    awesome!! congrats! which unit!??
  9. by   bridget1228
    PICU :-)
  10. by   candek89
    just wondering how everyone who is in this program likes it! Ive been out of a school for alont a year and im going to try to apply to the program for this spring. I know it will be tough but worth a shot! How do you all feel about your specific placements and the internship program ?!

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