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Hi everyone - I have just had the very good fortune (at least I hope it's good fortune) to be accepted into CCRI's nursing program Flanagan day campus starting January 2012. I have some questions... Read More

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    I did the same. - once in June and then in August, at which time, I was accepted. I feel very lucky too. I was so down on myself after the first rejection and was certain it would never happen. I thought it was age discrimination since I am a midlife student. But believe it or not, here we are! Starting next application period, they are going to use a point system instead of relying only on GPAs. The point system is on the website if you're interested. At least we were spared the era of the waiting list!

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    I was surprised, because I was told decisions would be in nov
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    I was too. I asked again and then got the answer that if enough spaces weren't filled with "qualified" applicants in the August app period, they would have an app period in October. Those applicants would be notified in November. You always have to ask any questions of the "powers that be" more than once to get the correct answer!
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    I received official letter today, they said next letter will be from nursing department about orientation. Nervous yay
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    omg - I should get mine soon, then. Was it via regular mail or email? Thanks for the update!
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    Regular mail
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    Yay I got my official acceptance today too. However it was worded strangely, at least in my opinion. It said congratulations on your acceptance to nursing level l. I appled to the entire ADN program, not nursing level I alone - the LPN progoram. Do you think there is a mistake with this?

    I'd be anxious to hear what you or anyone else reading this, thinks of this.

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    Level 1 is the first class you take wether it be lpn or rn. Mine says excepted to nursing level 1
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    I just thought it was odd not to say the ADN program since that is ultimately my goal.
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    Here is the deal from what I understand, you apply and get excepted you take nurseing 1,2 and 3 you can now sit for lpn test. Or you take 1,2 and if you qualify ie pass you then take 4,5 which are the and classes. ThAts what I understand it to be.

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