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Hello All I just have a general question. If I applied to the CCRI nursing program February 1, 2012 when should I hear back by? Thank you!:)... Read More

  1. by   duramater
    I finally found out I got accepted for nursing days in Warwick. Emails are being sent this week. So if someone doesn't hear back from them by friday, I'd go talk to someone.
  2. by   arbor-vitae
    I received email around 8pm, I got in; Newport!
  3. by   MarissaC
    I got accepted to warwick day!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   MarissaC
    Quote from elzbieta23
    What other school.... I applied to Neit last year and got accepted. But really the cost of tuition is outrageous!!!
    st joes!
  5. by   duramater
    Congrads!!! Yeah, I checked into NEIT as well. If I won that 333 million dollars I would've def went there! maybe.... I've heard some horror stories there, but thats the way it goes.
  6. by   redsoxgrl
    I got into Warwick days yay! Email came around 9pm!
  7. by   sambena
    I got into Newpot evening!!! Email came around 5pm. Finally
  8. by   MarissaC
    congrats everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   MarissaC
    all work so how does this all work i sent in my bci last night around 10pm...what happens from here?? thanks
    - Marissa
  10. by   arbor-vitae
    Congrats marissa! Not much you can do now that you completed BCI. I'm gonna enjoy my summer, and get my head ready for September. Hit the ground running. I've got a pharmacology book ive been studying, just to get acclimated. If you could get to know the Nursing Process, that would be a great head start. Just a suggestion.
  11. by   MarissaC
    i started reading the taylor fundamentals book and right now im in nursing documentation and took nursing assessment last semester! im excited!!!
  12. by   sambena
    Marissa, Do we need to complete those courses before graduation? Or is it optional?
  13. by   MarissaC
    optional! i took them because ive been done with my pre requisites for nursing since last feb and i wanted to take classes inbetween so i would stay in study mode!

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