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Hello All I just have a general question. If I applied to the CCRI nursing program February 1, 2012 when should I hear back by? Thank you!:)... Read More

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    also an update from the ccri facebook group page as of yesterday from a friend who works in admissions at ccri:

    "ok. new story is this. notices go out next friday (april 13, 2012) due to a computer issue of some sort. straight from the man himself rob giovino"


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    I just posted on the wrong thread LOL!! I noticed that my eval was checked 4 times yesterday - wt heck!! Why so many times?? I cannot wait anymore!!!!!
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    Same thing here. They checked it 4 more times yesterday. Ridiculous.
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    Andddd checked 1x so far today at 11:13am!
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    me too and at the same time!
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    just. cannot. deal. any. longer.
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    good luck everyone i wish you all the best
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    Anything Yet???????
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    Quote from claudia0124
    Anything Yet???????
    no and i have checked 5 times already LOL!
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    i have my email coming directly to my iPhone, it's push so its soon as i receive an email ill post it here!!! GL everyone!
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