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Hello All I just have a general question. If I applied to the CCRI nursing program February 1, 2012 when should I hear back by? Thank you!:)... Read More

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    I do not think the day program received notices today - most likely days will be tomorrow...

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    keep checking - someone on fb got in warwick days
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    Ok I didn't make it. Next time will be, I guess
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    I finally found out I got accepted for nursing days in Warwick. Emails are being sent this week. So if someone doesn't hear back from them by friday, I'd go talk to someone.
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    I received email around 8pm, I got in; Newport!
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    I got accepted to warwick day!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from elzbieta23
    What other school.... I applied to Neit last year and got accepted. But really the cost of tuition is outrageous!!!
    st joes!
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    Congrads!!! Yeah, I checked into NEIT as well. If I won that 333 million dollars I would've def went there! maybe.... I've heard some horror stories there, but thats the way it goes.
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    I got into Warwick days yay! Email came around 9pm!
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