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Hello All I just have a general question. If I applied to the CCRI nursing program February 1, 2012 when should I hear back by? Thank you!:)... Read More

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    same here 3 times today and yesterday! i talked to rob yesterday after my class and he said emails were going out this week but he never said a specific day!
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    cant stand this waiting game!!!!
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    same here!!! i actually applied to another school and got accepted a month after i applied and i need to let them know by next week if i want to pursue their school for the fall, im just waiting on ccri because i prefer ccri only because i would be able to keep my part time job that i love. their nursing program fits my schedule perfectly, they are just taking 10 years to get back to all of us and i can not wait any longer. decisions need to be made ASAP or i have to go with my second choice!
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    What other school.... I applied to Neit last year and got accepted. But really the cost of tuition is outrageous!!!
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    you guys may want to check you ccri email, they just sent me mine. i guess i'll re apply for next semester....
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    I got in for the Night/Weekend program at in Lincoln!!!!
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    Nothing yet on this end...
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    Claudia, why have some people gotten emails and some have not??
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    I don't know, where did you applied?.I applied for Warwick
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    Where did you apply, I'm so nervous... Im at work, this people are gonna think I'm crazy