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  1. 0 Hi guys!! I was just wondering if anyone has taken the Kaplan for the nursing program at NEIT. I could use any pointers you have! I'm taking the test in two weeks, and have been preparing but I found that the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam book didn't help much. My academic advisor over at NEIT told me that the Kaplan book was basically a waste of money.
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    I took it...did they give you the packets to study from ? They gave me the math and anatomy packets and I bought the Kaplan book which was a waste good thing it was cheap! But everything you really need is in the packets.... looking through the few threads on here helped as well... good luck !
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    Yes, they gave my the packets and I've been studying through them like crazy. They didn't give me a math packet, just the anatomy one. Did you get into the program if you don't mind me asking?
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    Yes I got in I start in march!
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    Was the math packet they gave you part of the accuplacer?
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    Yeah I think it was but it was perfect for the math on the Kaplan as well which if I remember correctly was a lot of fractions and ratios some % questions mostly basic arithmetic and basic algebra
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    Do you remember if the test was multiple choice?
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    Yes all multiple choice questions
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    What do you need to get on the Kaplan to get into neit program?

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