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Does anyone know of any CNA training courses in RI? besides the $501 course at CCRI?... Read More

  1. by   dalmazio
    do you know how or who to contact about the free training in south county??
  2. by   kelsey.kristine
    Try contacting NetWORK RI

    They're going to help me find an affordable(or FREE?!) CNA class in RI; if you qualify. If you're unemployed or underemployed, you can qualify for free training at several different places. Bastien Academy is one.
  3. by   lpnfb
    I took a free CNA class at St. Elizabeth's in East Greenwich, they asked if you would work after the class but you didn't have to. Great intructor also.
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  4. by   MAlicea
    Quote from cjcsoon2brn
    There are a few Nursing homes that offer free CNA training but you must agree to work for them for XXX amount of time. Personally, I am not cool with anyone telling me that I have to work for them for any amount of time or else. I am going to attend a free CNA class offered by the VNS of South County Hospital. Its free and you aren't forced to work for anyone (although they prefer you work for South County Hospital or the VNS.) Where are you located in RI and maybe we can help you find a class.
    How do I get information on this CNA class and do you know if it is still available? Thanks!

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