CCRI's Day Program in Lincoln for Spring 2014 - Anyone else apply?

  1. I just started the waiting game. If anyone knows when applicants will be notified of acceptance, please share the info. Best of luck to all who applied!
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  3. by   lfuentes21
    Hello MGravy,

    I also applied for the nursing program for the spring on august 1st. According to the web site we should start getting some kind of notice in September. Good luck. I been looking for a post on this for so long
  4. by   MGravy
    Thanks, lfuentes21! Good luck!
  5. by   Mommy42
    Hey MGravy I applied in Newport for spring and I do believe we were in phys together does the large intestine ring a bell lol
  6. by   MGravy
    Mommy42 - Haha! YES! I now know more about my colon than I ever wanted to. lol
    Good luck!
  7. by   Mommy42
    You too
  8. by   lfuentes21
    UUUGGGH . now the real waiting begins I believe we might be hearing something this month hopefully. keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. by   eli25
    yes I applied for Lincoln day program waiting time. good luck everyone.
  10. by   eli25
    Did anyone received an email stating your application for enrollment to ccri have been received. Soon you will be notified of your official acceptance to CCRI.
  11. by   Mommy42
    Yes I did
  12. by   eli25
    glad I wasn't the only one I wonder how long we will have to wait to hear anything else back.
  13. by   lfuentes21
    I received a letter of enrollment as well . I think that its like some kind a confirmation that they have gotten your application online. what I am dying to know is when we are going to start hearing back.
  14. by   rundmc
    I received an email too I got my fingers crossed good luck everyone I applied for Lincoln Spring 2014

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