CCRI's Day Program in Lincoln for Spring 2014 - Anyone else apply? - page 6

I just started the waiting game. If anyone knows when applicants will be notified of acceptance, please share the info. Best of luck to all who applied! :)... Read More

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    I Googled CCRI's Nursing Program today and came across this site! Thanks for the information! I applied for Spring '14 @ Newport. I haven't seen any other comments from NE applicants!

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    How do you know how many seats are available at each campus? I was told that it was basically a "lottery" every semester!?
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    I applied to Newport also. There's a link on the CCRI website that says the Newport day program accepts 32 students.
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    This is the link:

    I just noticed it's for 2012-2013 but at least it gives us an idea. Good luck to you! maybe we'll be classmates.
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    I applied at Newport too
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    Hi! I came across this today... I also applied for Jan in Lincoln. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that last year the emails, both acceptance & rejections, were sent on Wednesday, Oct. 3rd. So, I'm thinking it is a good possibility that the decisions will be made close to the same time. Good luck to everyone!
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    Yeah, I was thinking the 1st week in October also. I was pretty much fine up until now. I feel like a kid at Christmas at this point. I hope I get what I asked for and not a stocking full of coal lol
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    Thank you SO much! This is my second time applying to Newport ... Maybe I should try another campus?! I never knew that we had the ability to see (beforehand) how many seats each campus had to offer! Maybe I should try Warwick or Lincoln next time, if I don't get accepted! Good luck to you, as well!
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    I seen that, as well! I noticed that the past few years, e-mails were sent out around the same date!
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    I didn't know aqbout checking my Degree Evaluation, to see if it had been pulled ... I just kept checking my PBHS application to see if it had been evaluated! This was the first time I applied online, not in person, at Enrolloment Services ... I usually just hand them my packet & they stamp it!

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