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This is my first post to this site :) Everytime I would Google a question, this site would come up, so I figured I should join and maybe pick some of your brains. :redpinkhe I've been researching... Read More

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    Quote from Jada10
    CONGRATS to everyone who was accepted!!!!!!! I was accepted into Lincoln/Nights Program. Check your emails everyone!!!
    Hi I am applying to the fall 2012 evening program in lincoln in February and I am just curious to know if out grades are similar... I am hoping I get in right away!! My GPA is 3.75 and My lowest grade was a B+ in Anatomy - all my other grades are A or A-. Just hoping my chances are good!!!!
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    JDCRI: I think your chances are pretty good, I got in last year on my first shot with a 3.5 gpa.
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    Your should get in without a problem for fall 2012. I believe there were 42 seats available for the Lincoln Night Program to start on Sept 7, 2011. I remember being scared **** because I knew about that many students from my classes that were applying! LOL.. I got in with the same GPA, but my lowest grade was B+ in intro to health careers. You have a while before applying, Dont'll get in.
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    I applied in Feb in on the first try
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