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Has anyone else applied to the program in Lincoln for January? Do you know when we are suppose to hear back?... Read More

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    My denial came at 6 pm. My friends last semester received emails at 10:30pm with acceptance. Some of my friends were denied with a 3.80 gpa! I'm applying anywhere and everywhere in 2013.
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    My friend was denied with a 3.80 gpa! To think almost a whole year before hoping to get into a CCRI program is killing me. I could have my BSN with all this time spent! So I'm going to look into every place except NETI.
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    Yeah it depends on the slots available oh but if someone they took doesn't take the spot , god forbid ccri loose money they will call us on the last week, and we have to drop everything , ridiculous a (scam For money my boss said to me ) so i refuse to retake classes I already have good grades in its pointless
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    Pinky we will just have to apply in feb there are 4 campus that have openings for fall so we just have to wait and try regardless I agree I'm going to look around ri is not the only place we can finish for R N
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    I still feel heart broken, but going with everything happens for a reason. September start is not bad, because we will have the whole summer to read and review dosage...instead of 4 weeks...well for me because I'm working on St. Joe's classes also.
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    Does anyone know of anyone else that applied that hasn't received notice yet?
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    Everyone I know has received notice, you should call if you don't hear today. Good luck!
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    Thank you
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    The people I know all heard back already also.
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    I called and was told to call someone else because everyone should have received an email. I had to leave a message. I haven't received a call back. I just now sent her an email.

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